Rowe Park United was established in 2016 when it developed from the Ingle Farm Junior Soccer Club.

Our club consists of Seniors Teams both male and female. We have 4 men’s teams, First Team, Reserves, C1’s and C2’s and a single Women’s Team.

This year saw our Rowe Park men’s step up to Division 2 as our teams continue to build on their skills and grow stronger together. We have also started our first female team in our 2022 season opening up the doors to our future female players.

Our Vision

At Rowe Park United our aim is to provide our players with a fun and inclusive soccer experience whilst teaching them new skills and helping them grow and develop in their soccer journey.

Our Values

Unity – at Rowe Park United we work together not only to play our beloved sport but also to grow our club into a fun and friendly environment for all to enjoy.

Respect – from our players to our coaches, members of the board and chairman, referees and linesmen and general public, we respect each other and our community.

Pride – we are Rowe Park United and we are proud of it! We live and breathe black and green and wear it with honour every week.

Support – celebrating together on our wins big and small on and off the pitch, we are an inclusive and encouraging club supporting our players to be the best versions of themselves.